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Artilley OCS History"The OCS Experience (Memories of Robinson Barracks)" is the story of the Artillery Officer Candidate School 1941-1973 at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Recollections from graduates were compiled into a book by the FAOCS Alumni Chapter from direct submissions, the Fort Sill Officer Candidate School historic documents, letters, emails and other published and unpublished works.

For those of you who prefer a real book in your hand, we have had the "OCS Experience" professionally printed. The 352 page book is 8.5 x 11 inches and bound in a laminated soft cover. If you wish to purchase a copy and have it shipped, please contact the FAOCS Alumni Chapter at admin@artilleryocsalumni.com or call 580-355-JARK (5275).

We are compiling additional information for a future edition of the "OCS Experience". We encourage everyone to share stories and photos of their OCS experiences. Click here to view "The OCS Experience"

Artillery OCS History

Artilley OCS History

The "Artillery Officer Candidate School 1941-1973" is an overview of the four decades of OCS training at Fort Sill along with information about the Coast Artillery and Anti-Aircraft Artillery OCS. An overview of the Artillery OCS Hall of Fame, the Hall of Heroes, the Artillery OCS Alumni Chapter, and Distinguished Artillery OCS graduates is also provided. Additional information includes Fort Sill and Artillery Branch histories as well as updates on current OCS and Branch Training.

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Significance of the Fort Sill Artillery OCS Hall of Fame...

Artilley OCS History

The "Significance of the Fort Sill Artillery OCS Hall of Fame & Durham Hall (Building 3025) and OCS Reunions is a report focusing on the significant role the Artillery Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill has played in history of Fort Sill and our country.

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